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Committed to achieving your health and fitness goals? Ready to put an end to chronic pain? Excited to tone a bit around the middle?  Pilates serves as a standalone workout that sufficiently challenges your entire body!
Is Pilates Right For You?
There are lots of considerations when answering this important question. If Pilates is something new to you, it’s helpful to understand the purpose behind Pilates and what benefits you can expect.

Pilates was designed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s as a method for rehabilitation. Its primary purpose was to re-establish full functionality of the body. If you imagine how a youthful athlete’s body performs, you’ll get the idea of full functionality - strong, stable, flexible, injury-free and in control. We may not all be competitive athletes, but we all want strong, flexible bodies that are pain-free. Regardless of age and ability, all Pilates practitioners can expect the following benefits:

  •  Improved strength
  •  Improved posture
  •  Increased flexibility
  •  Improved core strength
  •  Reduction in chronic pain
  •  Longer, leaner muscles
  •  Improved physical performance
  •  Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  •  Improved balance and body awareness
Getting Started Has Never Been So Easy!
Schedule Your Introductory Session
After filling out the form below, you'll be taken to the next page where you can schedule a 15 minute phone call. During this call, we'll get a little information about you and tell you what to expect during a consultation so there are no surprises. All you need is 55 minutes and a pair of grippy socks.

Attend the Consultation
The consultation is a one-on-one session with one of our instructors. Be prepared to discuss your pertinent medical history, health and fitness goals, lifestyle/fitness habits, current exercise program, level of commitment and budget. After chatting, we will guide you through a short workout. You are welcome to bring a friend/spouse with you for support, asking questions you might forget, taking notes, etc.  

Select a Program
After all of your questions have been answered, you will select (with the instructor's support) the best program to match your needs. Your instructor will help you select the best sessions for your goals (if semi-private training is your preference) or schedule your private appointments. Then, you'll download the app, get some swank gear and mark your calendar for your first session!  
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