REV Instructors Share What They are Thankful for

Life can be hectic. We get so focused on the day-to-day that we can easily forget to express gratitude, which is why Thanksgiving is so special. It reminds us to take a step back and take a moment to appreciate things, both big and small.

While REV Pilates Gym instructors may give a great deal on a daily to ensure you get a personalized and superior workout, we often don’t get a chance to share our appreciation for what drives us. Because behind every great instructor are the clients, studio, and studio owner who push you to be the very best. So, REV instructors went behind Brittany’s back, (don’t fire us, please!) so we could take this opportunity to publicly say “Thank You.”

REV Instructors Reflect on the Studio, Brittany, and REV Members to Share What They are Thankful for this Thanksgiving:

Studio Manager Terri

I am thankful to have the opportunity to continue working with the most supportive and caring group of people I have ever been around… even from afar. Brittany’s leadership is a once-in-a-lifetime gift to everyone who works with her. Thank you, Brittany, for the gift that keeps on giving!

I am also thankful for constantly being challenged and rewarded. The instructors and members of REV are simply the BEST.

Instructor Sheila

I am grateful to not only have witnessed Brittany’s transformation from co-owner to sole proprietor BUT to have also been a part of the evolution of REV Pilates Gym. Brittany has done an amazing job transforming the studio energy, space, and community, and I’m thankful for your generous support and your patience!

I’m also thankful to be a part of this exceptional team of instructors. It’s an honor to work at REV. I love watching and taking my fellow instructor’s classes. You, ladies, are amazing! Thank you, thank you for stepping in to help cover my classes and private sessions when other commitments have gotten in the way. And a special thank you to Terri for your support, patience, and training!

Instructor Susan

I am grateful to Brittany for taking a chance on me as a new instructor and for having faith in me to lead classes knowing how high her bar is. I am also grateful for the constructive criticism that you have provided, which has been instrumental in improving my instruction of others.

I am also grateful to the members of REV for being so supportive of me as I have grown in my instructor role. You have been great sports at being my “guinea pigs,” as I have learned to instruct. You are always game to try something new, and you are so strong. I love seeing women who come in and play hard each and every day so they can be the best version of themselves. It continues to inspire me to do better. I couldn’t imagine a better group of people to spend my time with.

Instructor Evelyn

There is so much to be grateful for on a daily basis. But thinking about REV, I’d like to specifically thank:

  • Brittany… for believing in me and supporting me throughout my fitness career. You are a level-headed boss who is fair, and you treat all of us with respect.
  • REV members… for laughing at my silly and corny jokes and for believing in my skills to lead you to a healthier and happier version of yourselves.
  • REV colleagues… for covering the classes when I can’t, for patience and support in my limited tech knowledge, for attending my class when available, for the daily updates which I find helpful for me as well, and for just being great teammates. To all of you, THANK YOU!

Instructor Sydney

This season I am thankful for the help and guidance Brittany has offered me throughout my new career in Pilates and the support given to me by REV members!

Instructor Jen

It has been amazing watching the evolution of the studio and Brittany as an owner. Brittany has created an inclusive environment for the members and staff. As an instructor, I am grateful to work and interact with such kind, professional, and funny instructors. It is always rewarding to watch and learn from others. Personally, thank you, Brittany, for continuing to believe in me and work through my ever-changing schedule and allow me to be part of the studio.

Instructor Suzanne

I am grateful for the opportunity to work in a supportive community of professionals. I appreciate the contributions each person makes that defines REV as a great place people want to be part of.

Instructor Mandy

I’m blessed to have many things to be thankful for:

  • Brittany… for encouraging and supporting all REV instructors to continue their Pilates education. And for personally giving me more confidence in my abilities.
  • Stellar instructors… who I like to be around both in and out of the studio. It is a pleasure to know and work with all of you.
  • Members… who hang out a little longer after class and showcase the sense of community that we strive to achieve at REV. At other gyms, clients get in and get out. REV members have such a good experience; they are often busy chit-chatting. It always puts a smile on my face to see the strong community bond at REV.

Instructor Andrea S

When I first started taking Pilates classes from Brittany (oh-so-many years ago), I never thought I would be teaching alongside her. I want to thank Brittany and REV for encouraging me to take the leap from student to instructor. You have not only given me the ability to improve my practice, but you have given me the greatest gift, which is sharing my love of Pilates and helping others to achieve feats they could have never imagined personally. You also inspire me to be a better, more skilled, more knowledgeable, and more creative instructor.

To all the REV members… THANK YOU! I would not get up at 5:30 am to teach at 6:30 am (or 7:30 am) if I did not LOVE what I do, and you are a part of it. You make this so much more than a “job,” even on those dark and cold winter mornings. Your candid feedback (calling me out for miscounting reps) has helped me to grow in my instructor role. You push me to find more challenging ways to move you in space and willingly accept instruction. I am so proud to see you all grow in your Pilates practice. To my regulars in the Friday morning Intermediate/Advanced class… what can I say…if everyone could start their day laughing alongside you, this world would be a better, more caring place.

To my fellow instructors, you are my family. I have enjoyed training alongside you and enjoyed taking classes from you. You help make me better, and I have learned so much from each of you. Your collaboration and sense of teamwork make REV a special place to work; it wouldn’t be the same without you. I am very fortunate to have found my Pilates family at REV.

Instructor Terri W

I’m so thankful for REV’s new yoga space. I’ve especially loved watching practitioners learn to slow down and enjoy the moments of quiet.

Instructor Andrea M (AJ)

I am thankful for the opportunity to work with all the wonderful instructors and members at REV. I appreciate the work Brittany has put into building such a wonderful place to teach and share what we love – Pilates.

Happy Thanksgiving!