Challenge Accepted

It’s easy to get comfortable. Life is filled with routines and expectations. We know the stuff that fills our craziest days. We know our capacity to accomplish. Or do we …

As we proceed through days doing the same activities, work, and socializing, we flow through life. Until we are called to challenge, we often do not know our full ability to achieve. Can you be certain your life is operating at full capacity? You may feel maxed out with obligations, responsibilities, your fitness program, work projects, and piles of dirty dishes and clothes. The thought of anything beyond may seem ludicrous. Your brain may tell you one thing, but give your body a chance to prove it wrong.

Cutting-edge research shows our ability to reshape and grow the brain, to use it as a tool for an unlimited future. The brain does not limit our potential in ways previous thought. It is a living organ capable of generating new nerves and connections daily. Through physical exercise, and learning new things, you can increase the production of these new nerve cells, even into old age. Combine exercise with learning new tasks and, it stands to reason, you double brain-building power.

Provide your brain with an opportunity to give more. Ask more of it.

The brain has the capacity for greatness in each of us. By living more creatively, demanding it to perform new and different tasks, we are super-sizing life. Our nutrition and fitness challenges are a perfect outlet. These require members to leave their comfort zone and explore the unknown. As such, it removes the boundaries to learning we’ve unintentionally set up for our brain.

Workout with a Buddy for higher chance of success!

The requirement to experience variety– in Group Fitness classes for example – sparks the body and mind into action. Competition is motivating. However, if that were the main factor to success, a weightlifting or weight loss competition would be equally effective. From member testimonials alone, we know this is not the case. Adding a challenge takes motivation to the next level. It gets results.

People thrive on the challenge of the unknown.

As you stretch to achieve more, you embark on a mysterious journey. Perhaps you know how to drop 10 pounds. You’ve done it before and then efforts stalled. You would really prefer to lose 20 pounds. It is going to take effort you have not managed yet. You must not let past limitations dictate your future. Go farther.

You will have to experience the unfamiliar– a more intense cardio workout, a different selection of snacks, new types of meals, working with a trainer. Realize you won’t have all the answers. Don’t proceed with fear, proceed with confidence in yourself, and others.

weight loss

With our studio challenges, you have support in the form of trainers, instructors, and classmates when involved in community fitness events. There is an outline of rules to follow. (There is the routine you crave.) Yet, the rules likely will vary from your norm. The brain craves this possibility for more, and the body responds to it.

Member Tina Leone comments, “REV’s challenge has given the platform to step up my game and achieve new goals!”

Tina Leone crushes her challenge!
Tina transformed in just 6 weeks!

As Tina experienced, challenges provide an opportunity to surprise ourselves. They are an investment in our success, which allow us to build a healthier body and mind for the future.

A common element is repeatedly mentioned by such challenge participants: overcoming the fear of trying new workouts. As part of a group, the individual finds the courage to do more, go further, and enjoy (sometimes unexpectedly).

Ongoing positive feedback about our challenges is filled with everything from stories on weight loss success to finding new passions. Many have used the words “life changing.” 

Going beyond the simple act of a workout boosts brain power with fresh incentive. It is a definite way to pump up sessions and obtain faster results. Members always achieve impressive fitness goals. And, each of them managed to expand skills, abilities, and knowledge.

Challenges like these encourage dedication, discipline, healthy competition, and the satisfaction of crossing the finish line, every day! That is something a diet or exercise program alone cannot deliver.

Commit resources.

Time, energy, or money may be needed. Take a chance on yourself. Do what’s necessary to move your life forward faster. As adults, our daily level of challenge usually depends on us (aside from tragedies and the like). Stop accepting what you have always done, and do more. Do differently. One step at a time.

Be your brain’s teacher.

Coach it along life’s journey to be a star player. Train it for ultimate performance. It thrives on managing the new, unusual, and sometimes difficult. Empower yourself to do more, at any age. This saying is not true. You can teach an old dog new tricks. You can create new pathways and connections in your mind to improve functioning.

Live each day like a contestant.

Push a little more in your fitness routine. Go a few extra steps in a project. Strive to show more kindness. Be amazed by all you are. Become aware of all you truly can do.

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