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Featured Member for December: Hyoju Kim

We are proud to introduce Hyoju  Kim – our Featured Member for December!

Hyoju Kim

December Member of the Month

  1.  Tell us about yourself… What are your interests outside the studio?

I used to study in San Francisco and then worked for interior design in Los Angeles for a few years. Last year I came to Virginia to be with my boyfriend and his son. My life has totally changed. Living on the west coast, I only spent time for myself to go clubbing, hanging out with friends, working out and playing golf. Since I have moved here, I try new things. To care for a little boy was difficult at first, but it’s really joyful and gives me a new happiness now. 


2. When did you start Pilates?

I started pilates about 4 years ago when I moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco. I always think that I should have a daily work out. I was going to a big gym before, but I just wanted to try a new type of exercise, and there was a pilates studio in my neighborhood.


3. What drew you to REV Pilates Gym?

I chose REV because there is a chance to learn STOTT Pilates through their instructor programs. I also interested in those programs, so I searched for local studios offering a variety or programs, and picked REV. Since I started pilates here, I know that I will enjoy this type of working out forever.


4. What positive changes have you seen since you joined?

I have come to understand my bad habits when I’m exercising, so I participate during the exercise with a better mind-body connection. I think even my normal posture has become much better now. 

5. What keeps you coming back?

I like the instructors and people in the studio; they are so nice and good at teaching me. And I like that there are many programs even I haven’t tried yet. I think It’s really good that if I want to try to a new exercise, I can do that anytime.


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