Pat Fales

Featured Member – Pat Fales

1)What results have you seen from Pilates? (Expected and unexpected)

expected it to be just like what I had been doing on my own at home.  I had done in home Pilates (or, something akin to Pilates!) for years.  I liked the routines but  had gotten bored with my home work out and thought that I needed a more serious, committed option for strength training so I sought a program close to my house that I could frequent without spending hours in traffic.   I learned that my home bound routines were not correctly performed, thus achieving less than optimum results.   My rapidly improved conditioning from the REV sessions was completely unexpected.  Working (correct form!) one on one with the great REV coaches has helped me achieve much better overall tone and fitness than working out in my basement for years before. Although my weight has stayed the same, my clothes are fitting way better!

2)What is Pilates’ biggest impact to your daily routine or favorite activities?

Doing Pilates on a regular basis has helped me stay flexible, strong and energized.   The irksome aches and pains of getting older have been minimized by doing the Pilates workouts on a regular basis.  I am sleeping better and can easily walk 2 to 3 miles or more each morning with my dog.   I also am more aware of my body alignment, balance and posture throughout the day;  I  pay better attention to how I sit, stand, walk, etc.     

3)How long have you been practicing Pilates and how did you find REV Pilates Gym?

I have been practicing Pilates with REV for 2+ years.  I had been doing my own thing in my basement with various pieces of workout equipment – treadmill, elliptical, bow-flex – and a variety of workout Guru’s on tape – but realized that I had plateaued and could not see any ongoing improvement.  I had a lot of joint issues from various skiing and life related accidents over the years that were causing discomfort.   I needed low impact workouts due to some prior injuries to my knee so decided that I had to find a specialist to get myself back on a track to improved conditioning.  Since I had always enjoyed the stretching and active movements of Pilate routines, I looked for a Pilates studio close to my home and office.  I discovered REV Pilates Gym and signed up right away.  I love it!

4)Tell us about you! Share your background, family, interests, etc. 

I started life as an Air Force “Brat”, traveling the world as a child with my family.  As an adult, I traveled extensively even more with my Air Force husband, landing in the DC area in 1982 for a 4 year assignment.  38 years later and we are still calling Virginia home but continue to enjoy the wanderlust as we travel frequently internationally.  We have been blessed to travel with friends and family on some fabulous adventures and hope to continue to do so for years to come.  (With the help of Pilates to keep me moving!!!)  I love to ski and have done so for almost 50 years but, sadly. had to hang up my skis in 2018. I have been a Real Estate broker for over 40 years and manage a successful Northern Virginia real estate team that is celebrating 33 years with RE/MAX.   It is a business I love – every day is different and every client is unique.  It is a fascinating topic that interests almost everyone so continues to keep me happily involved.  My husband and I have two married children – a daughter and a son – and 4 busy grandsons.  They are the light of our lives.  We enjoy family time with them whenever we can get it!  Our 17 month old Shiba Inu is the latest addition to our family.  He makes sure that I get my aerobic  exercise walking my neighborhood every morning! 

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