Amber Duggar

Featured this April – Amber Dugger!

Amber on the Cadillac

1. What results have you seen from Pilates? (Expected and unexpected)

I have always had a hard time strengthening my core.  At first, I wasn’t feeling like I was making much improvement, but after working with Suzanne and re-wiring my brain to use my core instead of my larger back and leg muscles, I really began to notice improvements.  That allowed much faster improvement in my work with Brittany and I can now hold a plank for a minute without major pain!  This is a win for me 🙂

2. What is Pilates’ biggest impact to your daily routine or favorite activities?

I enjoy the core portions of other cardio and fitness classes now (I used to despise them), and appreciate the better strength and stamina.

3. How long have you been practicing Pilates and how did you find REV Pilates Gym?

I have been practicing pilates since January 2019.  I found REV by googling closest Pilates Gym as I wanted to squeeze it in before my calls for the day.

4. Tell us about you! Share your background, family, interests, etc.

I love to knit, bike (you will see me with a folding bike riding up to REV’s door), be outdoors, travel and cook delicious food.  Pairing the perfect wine with dinner with some dinner jazz and a good Netflix show appeals to me far greater than a loud restaurant.  I’m originally from northern New Mexico and my favorite pastime is downhill skiing. I left the corporate world back in 2015, moved to Bali after starting an online business in 2014.  I now run my online business from various locations around the world and plan to never see another cubicle in this lifetime. I am very happy to add Pilates to my daily routine! 

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