Paleo Diet
Fit for Life Paleo Challenge!

Why Paleo?

Take on a new approach to your diet based on the quality of the foods you eat.  Paleo mimics the diets of our hunter-gatherer ancestors by eating meals consisting of lean meats, seafood , vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.  You will be coached to prepare and eat meals that help to naturally develop a leaner body, acne-free skin, improved athletic performance and recovery, and relief from numerous metabolic-related and autoimmune diseases.  Your new Paleo diet paired with a regular work-out schedule at REV Pilates Gym will have you looking and feeling better in just 6 weeks!  

TRX Class

What's Included

  • Challenge materials, weekly recipes and shopping lists
  • Access to a private Facebook page for support from your coach and peers
  • Food Coach to review weekly food journals
  • Unlimited access to REV's Group small group training program
  • Before and after measurements for tracking progress!
TRX Circuit

What You Can Win!

Weekly rewards for achieving small  milestones!

GRAND PRIZE:  $300 (Your entry fee back) + ONE month All-Access membership for a month  (value $286)

Grand prize will be awarded to the participant with the highest loss in body fat combined with the most classes attended.  

Pilates Mat Class

Challenge Timeframe

  • October 1  through  November 11, 2018


  • Non-members = $299 
  • REV Members = $200
  • Refer a Friend= $259/each if two people sign up together
Paleo Challenge Schedule

How to Get Started

Easily register online using the form below, or contact us directly for assistance.