Jenn Dinino

September Member of the Month – Jenn Di Nino

Jenn DininoMeet Jenn Di Nino, REV’s member of the month this September
1. Tell us about yourself… What are your interests outside the studio?
My husband and I moved to the DC area about two years ago, though I am originally from Woodbridge, VA.  We both serve in the US Coast Guard (I am currently a Coast Guard Reservist while he still serves on active duty)  and this is our fourth duty station in nine years.  Previously, I served seven years on active duty before deciding to pursue my dreams of becoming a violin teacher.  In pursuit of this dream, I recently graduated from George Mason University with a Music degree and my goal is to work towards a Masters in Violin Pedagogy.  My husband and I just welcomed our first baby boy last week!
2. When did you start Pilates?
I’ve done a few Pilates classes over the past couple years but didn’t really get serious about it until 10 months ago when I became a member at REV Pilates Gym.
3. What drew you to REV Pilates Gym?
While at George Mason, I suffered a left hand injury and had a difficult time trying to rehabilitate even while seeing a hand specialist.  My violin teacher recommended REV Pilates Gym as a great place to release tension while also working on balance and strength.  I haven’t looked back since!
4. What positive changes have you seen since you joined?
First off, I was able to rehabilitate my left hand.  I attribute this to Pilates as well as some other physical therapy measures.  After I was able to rehabilitate my left hand, I found out I was pregnant and I’m so happy to have continued to Pilates throughout this pregnancy.  Its been a great way to stay active and get a good workout in.
5. What keeps you coming back?
The instructors and the classes!  I’m so happy to have found REV Pilates Gym and can’t wait to come back post-baby!


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