Jenn Walters

November Featured Client – Jenn Walters

1. What results have you seen from Pilates? (Expected and unexpected)

I joined REV when my daughter was an infant and my twin boys were 4. I had recently moved from California, so between having three young children and settling into a new home, my workouts had fallen by the wayside. I had absolutely no core or upper body strength left! But by taking a mix of Pilates Mat, TRX, barre, and other classes with my group unlimited membership, I quickly began to get stronger and stronger. I can now do exercises I couldn’t dream of doing before, like rollovers and pikes with my feet in the TRX straps!

 2. What is Pilates’ biggest impact to your daily routine or favorite activities?

My boys are now 8 and my daughter is 5, and taking care of them every day while working part time requires energy and stamina that I only get from working out at REV. I shuttle the kids to and from various activities, shelve books at their school library as a volunteer, play tag and catch, have dance parties, and so much more. If I skip going to REV for a few days, I definitely feel more tired and less able to keep up with it all! Also, as a writer, I spend a few hours at a time sitting at a computer. I definitely get less back pain and stiffness since I joined REV. 

Jenn Walters
Jenn Walters

 3. How long have you been practicing Pilates and how did you find REV Pilates Gym?

I’ve been a member of REV for three years now! I’d been working out at smaller exercise studios for the entire 15 months I’d lived in Los Angeles, and I loved the personal attention and community feel of them. So when I moved to Virginia, I began searching for a Pilates studio and was surprised to find that not many existed near my home in Burke. Then REV opened and popped up in my search. I went to try a free class and fell in love immediately! 

Being a member of REV is like being a part of a family. The instructors are top notch and really get to know each individual member and their injuries, goals, limitations, etc. I always get to work out alongside familiar faces, and I love all of the encouragement we all give each other. I couldn’t ask for anything more in an exercise studio! 

4. Tell us about you! Share your background, family, interests, etc.

I am a mother of three — twin boys in third grade and a daughter in kindergarten — and the wife of an Army officer. I am a children’s book author and journalist, as well as the part-time publicity manager for a children’s book publishing company. I am from Brooklyn, New York, but the Army has allowed me to live in several different places: San Francisco, New Jersey, Colorado Springs, Los Angeles, and now Northern Virginia. We have built such a strong community here that we plan to stay after my husband retires next summer! Our free time is all about our kids. We enjoy watching movies, traveling, being outdoors, and cheering on the Nats!

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