Kathleen Tindal – May’s Featured Member

1)What results have you seen from Pilates? (Expected and unexpected)

I have seen a lot of great results from consistently doing Pilates for just over one year at Rev. I have noticed my core has gotten stronger and my form doing the exercises have improved a lot allowing me to get the most out of the exercise. My balance has noticeably improved as well. This winter, I slipped on ice in my driveway. I firmly believe that I did not fall because I was able to balance with one leg while holding grocery bags! With my knee not bending fully, I’ve also noticed that I am able to do child’s pose better than I ever have in the past. And my short spine movement is pretty awesome now.

2)What is Pilates’ biggest impact to your daily routine or favorite activities?

Pilates make me more aware of my muscles and posture during the day. I sit up straight as soon as I realize I’m slouching. When I walk, I try to use the glutes more. I’m always reminding myself to keep my shoulders in their socket. I enjoy playing golf and my golf swing and distance that I hit my ball has increased over the last year. I also was getting some lower back pain and I believe Pilates has made my back stronger and as a result, I no longer have pain.

3)How long have you been practicing Pilates and how did you find REV Pilates Gym?

I was practicing Pilates off and on for several years but stopped because the facility wasn’t fun and the location was not ideal for me, so I quit. I found Rev through Facebook and with the holiday special I joined in December 2017. I thoroughly enjoy Rev. The location is great for me and the instructors are a lot of fun and provide challenging classes. They always work with me to correct and improve my form and provide alternate forms if there is something that I cannot do, yet.

4)Tell us about you! Share your background, family, interests, etc. 

I have lived in the area all my life. I attended Hayfield HS and went on to earn a soccer scholarship at Radford University where I majored in mathematics. I have been athletic all my life, playing soccer, field hockey, and track. I even played powder-puff football and ran a marathon in 3 hours 46 minutes. After college soccer, I participated in all women’s and co-ed soccer leagues. This finally took a toll on my knee and I was told I can no longer run, so I took up golf and walk as much as I can and thought Pilates overall would make me stronger. I work full time for the Department of the Navy at Joint Base Anacostia- Bollig where I am the Deputy Director for our Commands Strategy Office. I live in Burke with my husband, two children and our kitty Pepper. Sean (19) is attending George Mason University and Anna (16) is a junior at Lake Braddock SS.