Making the Most of your Injury

Sometimes I wish I was a couch potato.  

Not because I want to lay around all day stuffing my face while watching reality tv. Couch potatoes don’t do anything so they don’t get hurt.  If you’re an active person you know all about the pain and frustration that goes along with an injury. You probably also know that if you’re active enough, injury is nearly inevitable.  It doesn’t have to be career stopping injury; a minor setback can take you out for a few weeks or months and really kill your mojo. 

No risk for injury watching tv!

On November 3rd, I partially dislocated the radius in my dominant arm.  Although it hurt like the dickens, (What does that mean anyway?  Do people still say that?) it was a relatively minor injury, and if treated properly would have only taken me out for a week or two at most.  However, it was misdiagnosed for months (yes, I said MONTHS) and went from an acute injury to a chronic one.  Translation, I was in purgatory unnecessarily! 

During this depressive purgatory, my dominant arm was basically a useless appendage.  Putting on pants was a painful production that someone really ought to have witnessed for enjoyment. I couldn’t lift my purse, a bag of groceries or even hold my phone. Brushing my teeth was difficult. I stopped going to the gym. I stopped playing tennis. I stopped doing Reformer Pilates.  And really, I felt like I had to stop being me. Needless to say, I felt pretty darn sorry for myself. After about a week or two of full fledged self-pity, I decided to make the most of the situation. 

raw foods
I ate raw foods only for 2 weeks.

I dialed in my nutrition. If I couldn’t exercise, I couldn’t eat like I’d been throwing tires around! I did a 5-day Fast to cleanse my body and regenerate my health at the cellular level. Yes, I was extremely hungry and no I wouldn’t do it again, but people said I looked great after – and I didn’t tell anyone I had done it so maybe it wasn’t actually so bad…. For two weeks, I ate nothing but raw foods to reduce inflammation. I even started using a food tracking app and lost a few pounds with a really clean diet.

AMA test
This was miserable but kicked off a positive attitude change!

I did an Anabolic Metabolic Assessment to get a good view of my cardiovascular health.  And, boy was that a wakeup call.  For someone as fit as I thought I was, my cardio levels were poor.  So, I dedicated myself to improving my cardiovascular health until I was healthy again.  I found the Peloton bike, and since it’s the only piece of equipment I could use, it became my favorite! Actually, I’m kind of addicted now. 

Calm App
I like this one for help with sleep and morning/mid-day meditation.

I started meditating regularly. I found yet another app (are we so in 2020 or what?) to help me sleep, start my day with good vibes and power through my afternoons. 

I read some books. Not just the boring business ones, but the kind that have happy endings and let you escape life for a bit. If I weren’t so opposed to the term “self-care” I would say these books fall into that category. 

I pampered myself with some facials and massages because even though my body wasn’t sore  from physical exertion, it still felt good! 

And before I knew it, it was 10 weeks later and I found myself at United Wellness center in Reston with the amazing Dr. H who fixed me up good as new.  Well, it did take 6-8 weeks once he set my arm properly, but by then, my attitude had been fully adjusted and I was in such a better place than I had been when I was injured!

As a lifetime athlete, I get it.  Injuries happen to all of us.  How we deal with those injuries makes all the difference in how we heal and move on.  If you’re finding yourself frustrated with the “one step forward, three steps back” path, time to take a different route.  Focus on the things you can change and see if things don’t improve for you in an unexpected way! 

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