Dianne and Kellie Donnelly

November Members of the Month – The Donnellys


Dianne and Kellie Donnelly

Dianne and Kellie Donnelly

November Members Of The Month: Dianne and Kellie Donnelly



1. Tell us about yourself. What are your interests outside the studio?

D:  I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts and have been living in the area for 26 years now.  I’ve been married to my husband Bob for 32 years. I have four beautiful daughters (Lauren, Allison, Emily & Kellie), two   handsome sons-in-law ( Kevin & Eric), three grandsons (Brian, Connor & Bryce) and one granddaughter (Addison). Also have another grandchild on the way, due in March!  We are a very sports minded family and have lots of fun together.

I love enjoying life in general and keeping active.  I’ve been running for about 10 years.  Have an interest in sports, mostly football and baseball . Love my New England Patriots! GO PATS!!   I work full time, so on the weekends is when I fill my time with family, activities, and running.

K: I am a huge sports fanatic so you can usually catch me at a ball field or watching a game on TV. My boyfriend Justin and I just bought our first house over the summer, so I enjoy working on decorating my home and visiting all the awesome wineries in my new neighborhood! 

2. When did you start Pilates?

D: I learned about Rev from my running coach, and have been a member for about 2 1/2 years. 

K: I started Pilates in January 2017.

3. What drew you to REV Pilates Gym?

D:  I’ve always been interested in Pilates and was excited to learn of a gym so conveniently close to home.  I first started at Rev with my running group’s private class. We would meet once a week. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to increase my class time so, I joined as a member.

K:  I honestly owe everything to my Mom! She got me to join her in a private group class that was with Erika once a week. I was immediately hooked and signed up for a membership 2 months later. The small class size and the 1-on-1 attention is what keeps me coming back again and again.

4. What positive changes have you seen since you joined?

D:  When I first started at REV, I was recuperating from a stress fracture in my right hip. I still had a lot of discomfort to work through, but with time my muscle strength improved.  Building a stronger core has also helped my running immensely.  

I also have some issues with my back and with constant strengthening, my back has improved. 

K:  I started Pilates to help me with my running. I’ve noticed that I have a lot more endurance and I am able to control my breathing more which helps a ton with distance running. I grew up playing competitive softball and ended my career with a rotator cuff injury that still bothers me from time to time. I can tell my shoulders are much stronger and I can do arm exercises more easily now. And to be honest, I am just much happier overall!   Overall I feel I’ve become healthier and stronger. 

5. What keeps you coming back?

D:  The instructors are top notch!!  They are all very knowledgeable, strong and positive ladies!  I like the smaller class size so that they can offer direct attention when needed.  After every class, I leave REV feeling better physically and mentally.  And it’s a lot of fun!

K:  I never really enjoyed going to the gym or taking group classes until I found REV. I really like all of the instructors and appreciate how much time they spend making sure we get a great workout. My family and friends know that Pilates is “me time” and I have used the excuse, “Sorry, I can’t because I have Pilates” many times! 🙂 The members are really nice and it is a very welcoming environment. I live a good distance away from the studio now, but there is nothing else like REV out there so the drive is always worth it. I also love knowing that even when life gets busy, I can always look forward to seeing my Mom at least once a week in class!