Get fit in the gym. Lose weight in the kitchen.

Being a dancer most of my life and having a fast metabolism have always kept me from dealing
with weight problems. I could always eat what I wanted and not worry about it.

Then I turned 40 and everything changed.

The philosophy that many live by; ‘eat what you want as long as you workout’ doesn’t ring true after a certain age. That age is different for everyone but typically by 40, we all see and feel the difference or should I say, the struggle.

In most anyone else’s view, I was in great shape especially being a Pilates instructor. But you
can be strong while carrying some extra, unnecessary weight. The cold, hard truth is that you
cannot rely on your workout alone to burn fat in your 40s!

What I really hated was how my yoga pants cut across my stomach which sometimes gave me indigestion. I hated when I lifted my shirt and saw a roll over the top of my pants. With the right shirt I could hide it well, but I could feel it…the discomfort. I hated it.

This spring an opportunity arose for me to take on a challenge which was advertised to help
change your eating habits, thus lose some weight. Making sacrifices with food is truly hard for
anyone, but I was up for a challenge especially since it was only for 4 weeks. This was a
complete lifestyle change. I had to prepare ahead of time by knowing what I was going to cook
for the week, grocery shop every Sunday to get the ingredients I needed, (which wasn’t cheap),
plan meals and snacks around a busy work schedule and kids’ schedules. It truly seemed
impossible to implement in the beginning, but I made my health a priority.  Through this challenge, I learned that the following mistakes were directly contributing to my extra pounds:

Before and After

Before and After

  1. Snacking

  2. Large portions or eating until I felt stuffed

  3. Empty carbohydrates

Over the 4 week period, I was able to train my body to acclimate to smaller portion sizes so my
body was burning stored fat as opposed to the food I was intaking. The same was true with
snacking. I was eating what my body didn’t really need at that time. It couldn’t use it all for
energy, so it was being stored. As for carbohydrates, we need them. But some carbohydrates
(simple) do not fill you up but unfortunately you are getting those calories regardless. Eat a
serving of bread instead of a serving of veggies, and see how quickly you get hungry. You will
unfortunately crave a snack.

I started at 132 lbs at the beginning of the 4 weeks. I dropped to 119 by the end. I hadn’t
weighed that since high school. I was also working out regularly, but I didn’t have to do anything
high intensity. I have stuck with the 3 rules above and now 3 months later I weigh 120 lbs. I am
not using any special recipes on a regular basis anymore. I am just sticking with the 3 principles:
no snacking, smaller portion sizes and complex carbohydrates.

There are many diet plans and nutrition programs out there. The right one for someone may not
be the right one for you, but there’s something out there that will be just right. Make the effort
and take that step towards a better you. Start with a small nutrition/fitness challenge at your
local gym or start by replacing a meal with protein shake and build from there. Whatever you
choose, commit to it. Your body will thank you…and your yoga pants will no longer make you
feel sick.

REV Pilates Gym hosts a handful of nutrition/fitness challenges every year. The Fit For Life Paleo
Challenge begins on October 1st and will run through November 11th. It’s not too late to join!


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