Paul Darr

October Member Feature – Paul Darr

Paul Darr

Pilates for Golf

Meet Paul Darr – Member of the Month for October

1. Tell us about yourself… What are your interests outside the studio?

I was born and raised in Columbia, SC and received undergraduate degree at University of South Carolina (yes, I’m a diehard Gamecock fan) – and my graduate degrees at University of Richmond.  I moved to NOVA 30 years ago to work in commercial real estate. I’m still in the field and work at Cushman & Wakefield.  My wife and I have 2 daughters who are in college – one at East Carolina and one at Virginia Tech.  As a result, we’re empty nesters starting to enjoy our new found independence by traveling a bit more and spending more time with friends and family.  I’m also an avid golfer so I spend a lot of my free time golfing both locally and when we travel.


2. When did you start Pilates?

I had no idea what pilates was until my wife started at REV a year ago. She had me attend some of her private sessions late last year and since then, I’ve been a regular ever since.


3. What drew you to REV Pilates Gym?

Once I understood what pilates was, I became intrigued.  I am not too far from 60 years old and realized that core strength and flexibility are probably the two most important things you need as you get older in order to continue to be active and pain free.


 4. What positive changes have you seen since you joined?

I definitely have more core strength and flexibility than I used to which has helped my golf game!  My posture is also getting better as I was starting to get the old man hunched over look from sitting in front of a computer all day at work.  Additionally, I suffer from Charcot Marie Tooth disease – a neurological disease that adversely affects the nerves and muscles in my feet and lower legs which reduces stability.  I have found that REV pilates has helped me gain more stability and lessened the adverse effects of my disease.


5. What keeps you coming back?

Three things – 1) I want to continue to increase all of the positive changes I’ve experienced thus far;  2) It’s an activity that my wife and I enjoy doing together;  3) The instructors at REV are incredibly patient with me and continue to encourage my continued progress.


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