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Tired of chronic pain, low energy or carrying extra weight? 

Struggling to juggle your busy schedule? 

Our members are committed to spending some time on themselves to get back in the game.  (sport or life) With just a few hours a week spent on you, we can help you accomplish the goals you're after.  Our talented team of instructors has specialties varying from rehab to athletic conditioning and we will help you accomplish your goals.    

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The Benefits of Membership.

Once you sign up for a membership you are part of the REV family, which is pretty cool.  But, the benefits are far better than just being cool...

Accountability.  We hold our members accountable.  We take attendance and follow up with every person we don't see or hear from. We will keep you on track with your program.

Supportive Community Our members describe our studio as a family-like environment that is fun, refreshing and effective.  Make friends  and have fun while getting your workout on.  

Easy Reservations.  All of our sessions can be reserved online through our very own app.  Make reservations, change or cancel all sessions online.  Simple push notifications to alert of openings in waitlisted sessions.  

Member Appreciation Events Quarterly free events for our members as a "thank you" for trusting us with their health and wellness.  Socialize with your peers after an outdoor yoga event, over a glass of wine or while enjoying a healthy smoothie.  Venue varies. 

Special Challenges.  A couple times per year we offer special weight loss or fat loss challenges.  Coaching from nutritionists, life coaches or Reikki masters may be part of this kind of program.

Guaranteed Results.  We promise that if you follow our program, you will look or feel better in 3 months.  If not, we will give your money back.  

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