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Our Members are ready to Take Action.

Tired of chronic pain, low energy or carrying stubborn extra weight?

Juggling a busy schedule?

Our members are committed to improving their bodies and their lives.  By spending just a few hours per week with a highly-trained professional, you can maintain your active lifestyle and keeping doing the things that set your soul on fire.   Our talented team of instructors has specialties varying from rehab to athletic conditioning so you are in seriously good hands.

private lessons

REV aims to empower those who want to keep living life to the fullest extent possible at any age.  Continue doing all the things that set your soul on fire!

Re-establish full functionality of your body. If you imagine how a youthful athlete’s body performs, you’ll get the idea of full functionality - strong, stable, flexible, injury-free and in control.  We may not all be competitive athletes, but we all want strong, flexible bodies that are pain-free.

Private lessons are reserved for those who are committed to change.

small groups

Not everyone can afford private lessons, so we offer some amazing small groups as an alternative. 

Our aim is still to keep everyone living active, pain-free lives.  The class sizes are small and we maintain safety as our top priority.  However, prepare yourselves for some serious fun. 

Members say classes feel like family.  They develop friendships, hold each other accountable and laugh while they sweat. 

We dedicate our schedule to the things we believe will change your body and your soul - Pilates Mat, Pilates Equipment (Reformer, Tower and Chair) TRX, Yoga (Vinyasa, Yin and Nidra) and Meditation.  


Your eating habits are personal, and so are our programs.

Changing your eating patterns is hard and there is no reason to do it alone!

At REV, work alongside a Certified Holistic Nutritional Coach to assess patterns, behaviors, challenges and fears when it comes to your diet - then develop a program for success!

Your coach will record body stats/measurements, conduct weekly check-ins, provide recipes, guidelines and tons of daily encouragement! Easy to use mobile app will allow you to see your progress and stay on track!

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Why Memberships Work

Once you sign up for a membership you are part of the REV family, which is pretty cool.  But, the benefits are far better than just being cool...

Accountability. We hold our members accountable.  We take attendance and follow up with every person we don't see or hear from. We will keep you on track with your program.

Supportive Community Our members describe our studio as a family-like environment that is fun, refreshing and effective.  Make friends  and have fun while getting your workout on.

Easy Reservations.  All of our sessions can be reserved online. Make reservations, change or cancel all sessions online.  Simple push notifications to alert of openings in waitlisted sessions.

Member Appreciation Events Quarterly free events for our members as a "thank you" for trusting us with their health and wellness.  Socialize with your peers after an outdoor yoga event, over a glass of wine or while enjoying a healthy smoothie.  Venue varies.


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