Personalized Support

Work alongside a Certified Holistic Nutritional Coach to assess patterns, behaviors, challenges and fears when it comes to your diet - then develop a program for success! Your coach will record body stats/measurements, conduct weekly check-ins, provide recipes, guidelines and tons of daily encouragement! Easy to use mobile app will allow you to see your progress and stay on track! Choose from a monthly program (available to our current members) or select a one-time 6-week program to kick start your health.

"I enjoyed the nutrition challenge a lot. I really liked the notebook with the weekly menus and recipes. The recipes were delicious and the menus appealing. I didn’t feel like I was dieting, just trying out something new."

- Sue S.

How We Help

Personalized Support

  • Initial Diagnostics and Body Metrics
  • Habit Collection / Identify and Fix Behaviors


  • Goal Setting
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Daily Motivation
  • Easy to use app with instant messaging to your coach
  • Measure and track your results

Recipes and Supplementation

Success for Longevity



Our 6 Week New Year, New You Challenge program is designed to kick start your new lifestyle with better nutrition, fitness, and health. REV Pilates Gym is offering this challenge to guide you on your new beginning and transformation for the new year, new YOU!



February 1 through March 21


  • You must have metrics taken before February 1st.
  • You must read (or listen to) the book we provide that goes along with the program.
  • Attend a minimum of 2 classes each week.
  • Complete the final assessments and measurements within 3 days of the last day of the program (March 21)

Challenge includes:

  • Baseline testing & measurements taken January 22-31
  • Final testing & measurements taken March 14-17
  • Kick-off info session with Q & A
  • Setting your goals in the following four categories
    • Nutrition guidance, Weight Loss/Gain tracking, Body composition
  • Unlimited Group Fitness classes
  • Daily motivation and accountability
  • 20% Discount on all Supplements and Meal Bars
  • Lose 3% of Body Fat and get your money back!


  • $100 for one person
  • $150 for a pair* (*pair must include one non-member)
  • Upgrade to unlimited Reformer classes for an additional $199 per person

Requirements to Win your Money back:

  • Attend at least 2 classes per week
  • Start and Ending body measurements taken within the determined timeframe
  • Lose 3% Body Fat
  • If one partner in a pair meets requirements, he/she will receive $75 back
  • If both partners in a pair meet requirements, pair will receive money back PLUS REV Water Bottles & Shirt!  PLUS non-member receives one free month of Group fitness classes!
  • Please note that winners will not be refunded the additional $199 if you upgraded to Reformer classes!  Just the Nutrition entry cost of $100!
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