Why 6 is the magic number….for us, that is.

Chair Class - Rollover

Chair Class Choreography using Rollover

When we dreamed up our studio a few years ago, we had a blank slate. We could have designed any space we wanted and stocked it with as many machines as we could jam inside. But we didn’t. We custom created our space with no more than 6 Reformers so we could stay true to our passion – deliver unparalleled instruction and individual attention to every participant in a small group setting – making the experience optimal and the price ideal.  Six machines is the right number to keep an eagle eye on everyone. This attention allows us to make corrections, adjustments, modifications and progressions as needed for each individual in class at all times. More than 6 and we can’t make the same promise. Less than 6 and the price increases. Six is the sweet spot.



There are plenty of other studios who offer Reformer classes for 8-12 people at the same time. Is it possible? Of course. Do we want to do it? No way. If you really compare the two styles of classes (small and intimate like ours, or large and anonymous like theirs), you’ll notice a few distinct differences:




Don’t pick the cheap flight

1.  Our prices are a little higher. 

You know that saying, “You get what you pay for?”  It applies to Pilates also.  The prices per month might be a little lower a studios where there are double the participants, but is it worth it?  Think of those cheap airlines where the seats are super small, there is no seat assignment, and if you want water, peanuts, a bathroom break or a carry-on bag it costs extra.  This is how I think of some studios who focus on quantity rather than quality.  The price might be cheaper, but is it worth the experience?  Personally, I’d rather pay for the higher plane fare up front and choose my seat, bring my purse, a laptop, and a checked bag without any added fees.  I view it as a total experience, not just the price of the plane fare.  Because if I choose the cheapest plane fare, I’m missing out on all the extras – which in my opinion aren’t really extras at all.  They are all part of the experience.  There is a price for quality and if you compare our prices with other like studios (who keep class sizes small and personal) we are comparable.  When something is cheaper, there is usually a reason.  Our prices are set for quality – we hire excellent instructors, celebrate our members, offer a clean, spacious studio, give away swank gear, provide  nutrition counseling and challenges, offer snacks, host member appreciation events and the list goes on.  What are you getting at the other place?  



Front Splits

Use your brain for Front splits to master balance and conrtol

2. What is Pilates without choreography and variations?

Bland! With so many bodies to keep an eye on, for SAFETY reasons, a lot of exercises loaded with choreography are stripped from the workout in large groups.  But, choreography not only keeps it fun and challenging, but it also stimulates the brain!  According to a study conducted at the University of Oxford, learning moves like those in Pilates directly correlates to brain health because it helps to increase the density of white matter in the brain.  What is white matter?  The stuff that allows neurons to communicate – and well formed neurons increase intelligence!  So it’s true, Pilates does make you smarter!  With a limit of 6 per class,  we promise to include every brain-teasing bit of choreography we can.  We want REV members to have strong bodies and brains!




3. We embrace progressions.

If you were at the gym and your trainer always made you do squats, bench press and pull ups – what would happen? Not only would you be SUPER BORED, but you would also plateau. Why would you keep practicing Pilates if you couldn’t advance? The same moves on repeat would not only get boring, but your progress would stall. With small class sizes, we can watch individuals and challenge them independently as needed. Or, how about when everyone is ready to progress? We progress them all! You’ll find that our classes always push you to be your best, and learning new moves keep the workouts fun and fresh, plus keeping you on track towards your goals. For the same reasons as mentioned above, large classes tend to keep their exercises basic, leaving progressions out.

Advanced Move - Snake

When the whole room is ready to progress, you give them Snake!


We agree that there isn’t anything better than one-on-one lessons because it’s a custom workout designed with your body and goals in mind. However, plenty of people don’t have the budget for private lessons so we created small group classes. Limited to 6 ensures a lot of individual attention at a price that is fair. We want to share Pilates with as many people as we can, but we aren’t willing to sacrifice quality for a buck. If you haven’t been to a studio where there are tons of machines in a single room, you should give it a try and then you’ll surely appreciate true quality instruction and commitment to members!  


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