Small Groups
Small Group classes yield Big Results

“I’d been going to a big box gym for 13 years and didn’t see the kind of results I saw after coming here [REV Pilates Gym] for 3 months.” 
- Sarah M.

With more than 40 classes weekly, you’ll find a class that fits into your schedule.  Our first priority is safety, so we limit our classes on Pilates equipment to 6 people at a time.  We firmly believe that our instructors can provide an appropriate workout for every participant in a class this size.  We will offer modifications and challenges to suit the needs of each individual, every time.  That ensures that we meet our second priority as well - Results.

“I have had a marked improvement in cycling this year, and I attribute my faster pace and greater endurance to Pilates. As I ride, familiar phrases like “belly deep” and “soften your shoulders” run through my mind. My posture on the bike has improved, and I am relying more on my core and hips and less solely on my legs. I can easily go 20 miles now and consider that a normal workout. Thanks, Pilates, for another benefit!”

- Sue Schwein

As a fully equipped Pilates studio, we offer small group classes on Reformer, Tower and Chair.   We feel that it’s in your best interest to join a class only after we are aware of your body’s abilities and limitations. There are a lot of moving parts on those machines, and keeping your safety in mind, we’d prefer to get to know you first, show you appropriate modifications, and make sure it's safe for you to join a group.

However, we know there are still a few of you who have some Pilates experience and want to try a group class before you join as a member, and with that in mind, we welcome you to our Beginner Reformer class on Saturdays at 10:30am.  Please note this is the only class in which we permit nonmember drop-ins throughout the week.  We appreciate your understanding.

Intro Session

If you’re interested in joining the REV family, you can begin with an Introductory Session.  Privately with a coach, you’ll discuss goals, injuries and budget, go through an abbreviated workout and movement evaluation.  Together, we’ll create the optimal program for your success, help you choose level-appropriate classes and get you on your way to your health and fitness goals.

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Tower Class
Group Fitness
TRX Class

We understand there is more to life than Pilates.  (Or, so we hear!)  At REV, you’ll find a handful of other formats to keep your workouts balanced.  For your cardio conditioning, try a TRX Circuit.  To limber up try Yin Yoga.  To relax the mind and free the spirit, Yoga Nidra or Meditation are for you.  We believe our comprehensive assortment of group fitness classes will meet all of your wellness needs.

Group Class Schedule