Jessica Indelicato

Meet Jessica Indelicato

1)What results have you seen from Pilates? (Expected and unexpected) Pilates has increased my mental and physical strength more than I could have imagined.  After reading about Pilates, I had expected certain physical changes in my body such as more toned muscles, a stronger core, and increased flexibility. However, I had not anticipated the impact Pilates would have on me …

Mindy Yun

Meet Mindy Yun!

The impact of Pilates has shown up in a lot of my everyday activities. For example, I used to grab everything I could possibly need from my bedroom before heading downstairs, because I was not going to make it back up for a while. But now, I can not only climb the stairs with ease, I can run up and down, too!

First comes Reformer, then comes Mat

I am so tired of people telling me how easy Pilates mat classes are. If you’ve ever come to my Pilates mat class, those words have never come out of your mouth. People have been advised to begin their Pilates practice on the mat – possibly because it’s more accessible, possibly because it’s cheaper. Or, worst case scenario, because it’s …