The Amazing Jo Swaggerty

1. What results have you seen from Pilates? (Expected and unexpected)

I’m stronger, more flexible and my posture has improved (the reminder to “put your shoulders in your back pockets” stays with me all day! )  Friends and family have commented on the changes they’ve noticed – I’m more fit and my clothes fit better.

2. What is Pilates’ biggest impact to your daily routine or favorite activities?

Pilates really is my Happy Hour!  It’s an hour of time where I can focus on me and then walk out of class feeling relaxed and strong and ready to tackle the rest of my day. I’m sleeping better and able to run and bike ride now without the knee brace I needed when I first started Pilates.

3. How long have you been practicing Pilates and how did you find REV Pilates Gym?

I joined REV a year and a half ago.  Some of my friends were already members and had  great things to say about it.  I was coming off knee and shoulder injuries and needed to improve my strength and flexibility to avoid further injury.  I did a lot of research and REV was a nice fit between pricey private training and the gym-based, large group classes with minimal direct attention.  I started out at 2x/week but really noticed improvements when I started coming at least 3x/week.

4. Tell us about you! Share your background, family, interests, etc.

I’m married and work full-time with 3 high-school/college-aged kids, 3 dogs and 1 cat – It’s a busy household!  The kids played on multiple sports teams so I spent many years sitting at my desk all day and then sitting in the car driving kids around all evening.  I used to run quite a bit but was sidelined by a knee-injury, and things snow-balled into a sedentary lifestyle for a couple of years. Once my youngest started driving, I took advantage of the extra time in the evening and joined REV – and I’m so glad I did!  I feel great and have been able to get back to the more active lifestyle I enjoy.