The Importance of Having it All

It’s still true.  Money can’t buy happiness.   “Having it All” doesn’t mean yachts and loads of money.  It’s about having an optimal foundation so that life is what you make of it.  Most people you know do one or all of the following: have aches and pains or are limited physically in some way, manage tons of stress, manage hectic lives, complain about what they do or don’t have/do, eat on the run, live with headaches and fatigue and the list goes on.   Imagine how you’d feel having to take that with you every day?  How much harder do we need life to be? 

Imagine you’re a working person with a long commute.   You arrive to a job you don’t love, put in long hours, snack throughout the day on things you know you shouldn’t have but are plentiful in an office environment, you sit most of the day or stand on your feet (both of which leave your back and feet achy), you have a family, which means you must prepare meals or dine out where they serve chicken nuggets, you’re exhausted at the end of the day but can’t sleep because you’re stressed about time/family/friends/work/money.  You wake up the following morning feeling like you haven’t slept a wink.  Rinse and repeat. 

This is the most common American lifestyle. 

Let that sink in.

To tackle that kind of day repeatedly without crumbling requires a foundation of wellness.  In the perspective of this article, wellness means taking care of our body physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We gave extraordinary consideration to the palette of services that we offer at REV.  We believe Pilates, Group Fitness &Yoga, Mediation and Nutrition are the proper pillars for wellness.  And when you “have it all” when it comes to wellness, life is a little more manageable.  Period.

Pilates is for Strength, Posture and Alignment

Pilates is strength training.  It is not “expensive stretching” as I have jokingly heard over and over again.  Strength training is paired with intelligent stretching for optimal movement, range of motion, balance, strength and joint health. Good-bye forever, injuries.  A strong body moves without pain, with sharp agility, mindfulness and flexibility.  Most people don’t practice Pilates because Pilates isn’t their passion (well, mine is, but not most!).  Most people practice Pilates because something else is their passion – Sport, Gardening, Hiking, Traveling, etc.  When your body is free from pain, your day changes.  Hell, your LIFE changes.  People live with pain all the time and never realize the impact of life without pain until it’s gone.  Seriously, you should try living without pain.  It’s amazing.  And this is coming from someone who has had 4 knee surgeries and needs knee replacements.  Pain-free living is indescribably liberating. 

Pilates Reformer Class

Group Fitness for Cardiovascular Health and Yoga for Flexibility

I believe we all know the importance of cardio exercises.  Still, people get stuck in a rut with their workouts – either they only lift heavy things, they only stretch, they only walk, or whatever the case may be.  We must mix them all up to reap the benefits.  Cardiovascular exercise strengthens your heart muscle to efficiently pump blood throughout your body.  It also lowers risk of heart disease and keeps your weight down.  Bonus:  it improves your mood.   Don’t assume you have to take a HIIT or bootcamp class for cardio.  Short interval bursts do the job – think REVreformer, Jumpboard and TRX classes.  If you’re sweating and breathing heavy, it’s probably cardio. 

Due to its vast history and large following, yoga has splintered itself into a variety of formats ranging from hot flow classes to gentle stretching.  As a yogini, I can attest that they are all good.  At REV, we offer 4 main styles: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin and Nidra.   Vinyasa and Ashtanga could fall into the cardio category in some instances if you are doing enough interval style vinyasas or holding enough balance postures.  Both result in serious improvements to flexibility, posture and balance.  Not to mention they clear the mind and keep you present so you’re not thinking about your to-do list. 

Yin yoga is the opposite of cardio.  It is your body throwing in the white flag for deep stretches and succumbing to progress.  It specifically targets fascia, scar tissue and adhesions that could be stalling your body’s healing or mobility.  It is peaceful and compels self-compassion. A few sessions and you’re moving differently.

Yoga Nidra promotes deep rest and relaxation.  Listen as the teacher scans your body in a way that your mind can follow, e.g. “your right thumb, second finder, third finger, palm, forearm, etc. ” This self-scanning process results in healing.  An hour away from the hectic lives we live in NOVA is particularly rejuvenating. 

Mindful Meditation for the Spirit and Emotional Well Being

Mindful Meditation Class

We just offered a blog about meditation, what it is, and how to do it.  Its primary purpose is mindfulness without judgment.  All day long, we are judging ourselves, judging our decisions and the decisions of others, and possibly just judging other people in general. How nice would it be to spend an hour learning how to quiet life’s noise?  Meditation has medicinal benefits that range from improved cognitive performance to a reduction in inflammation.  This is the anti-stress.  If you’re dealing with stress, mediation might be the key to letting that sh*t go. 

Your Body is a Temple

Healthy Meal Choice

Truthfully, nothing I mentioned above makes much difference if you don’t eat properly.  I’ve spent my entire adulthood eating “healthy.”  Over the years, healthy meant a lot of different things to me, and I think that’s ok.  As we grow and change our body does too, and different foods make me feel differently than they used to.   The more I rid my body of certain foods, when I later re-introduce them, the more I don’t care for them.  Isn’t that interesting?  We become so used to eating a certain thing and feeling a certain way that we don’t notice it’s not great until it’s gone for a while and makes a reappearance.  Proper nutrition doesn’t mean following a celebrity diet or doing what is trendy. It means figuring out what fuels your body best and sticking with that.  Our certified holistic nutritionist creates nutrition programs that serve your body.   While we choose general programs that work well for most, e.g. Paleo, Clean, Keto, the programs are always 100% personal.   Our nutrition programs are hinged on basic clean eating, and then they are customized entirely for you.  

How Wellness changes the Common American lifestyle

A mindful approach to your day might mean you don’t sit for endless hours at a desk, or that you make the effort to move around more, stretch a little and pay attention to your posture while sitting/standing.  Firstly, you notice when something is tense, and you take proper steps to relax.  Then, you remember to bring healthy snacks so you’re not tempted by donuts and bagels.  You’ve prepped meals ahead of time so you don’t stress about dinner for the family when you get home.  When your co-worker brings negativity into the workspace, you know how to tune out the noise and stay focused on positivity.  How’s that for an improvement?  Someone once said happiness is something you choose…so why would we ever chose misery?

We believe health and wellness are choices that set you up for success.  Do what brings you joy.  Go there with an able body and a free spirit.  Make the most out of life that you can.  Don’t let something avoidable stand in your way of greatness.     

So, it’s still true that money can’t buy happiness.  But, it can buy a membership at REV and that’s practically the same thing!

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