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event with anula was a success! Thanks to all who joined us for a magical weekend of learning.


Nov 16 & 17, 2019

Scolio-Pilates Workshop
Course Cost $595

Early Bird Registration $495 if register before  Oct 18, 2019 

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  • Understand the muscle imbalances and how they affect scoliosis
  • Learn to recognize scoliosis and to define where the curves are occurring
  • Learn why scoliosis must be resolved three-dimensionally
  • Learn to use elongation as a tool for correcting in three dimensions
  • Learn to manage the breathing complications of scoliosis
  • Use strengthening techniques to maintain a neutral spine
  • Understand the fascial components of scoliosis to aid neutral alignment
  • Understand scoliosis and you understand the principles affecting all spines

BLOG: How will Scolio-Pilates Help All My Clients? 

Sample Schedule:

  • Hour 1: Mat class for kinesthetically understanding scoliosis even if you don’t have a scoliosis,
  • Hour 2: History of management, current management of scoliosis, science behind exercise and management
  • Hour 3: Anatomy of Scoliosis, understanding 3, 4 and C-Curve scoliosis
  • Hour 4: Correcting scoliosis three-dimensionally in supine
  • Hour 5: Correcting scoliosis three-dimensionally in prone and quadruped positions
  • Hour 6: Correcting scoliosis three-dimensionally in seated, standing and side-lying
  • Hour 7: Elongation exercises for scoliosis
  • Hour 8: Breathing exercises for strengthening the neutralized alignment for scoliosis
  • Hour 9-11: Three-dimensional corrections in the Pilates environment
  • Hours 12-16: Strengthening exercises with 3-dimensional corrections

May 16 - 20, 2020

REV Pilates in Portugal

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Come join Brittany Clark, owner of RevPilates, for an incredible 4 night/5 day retreat along the stunning Portuguese coastline!

Each day includes 2 Pilates sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, each lasting about an hour.  The sessions will be a mix of mat and equipment classes, as we've secured the use of a local studio to host classes within walking distance of our hotel.

The retreat will be a mix of planned excursions and free time meant to allow you to explore the area on your own or with new friends.  Highlights of the retreat include a catamaran cruise along the famous coastline with views of dramatic sea cliffs and beautiful beaches, and a hike along the stunning coastline along the Path of Dona Ana.

During free time, relax by the pool or on the beach with a good book, play tennis, get a massage, or head into Lagos town to explore local shopping and cuisine!

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