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event with anula was a success! Thanks to all who joined us for a magical weekend of learning.



Farewell Party for Terri Johnson! August 9 @ 6:30pm

Stop by to say farewell to Terri!  She and her family are moving to Paraguay!!  She will maintain her role at REV Pilates Gym, but physicall she will be afar!  All are invited.  If you'd like to come by, please RSVP and we will send you the address. (Party at Brittany's house)  Email me directly at

Pilates for Tennis (BY INVITATION)- August 19-22 @ 11:30am (FREE)

Three classes offered Monday, Aug 19, Tuesday, Aug 20 and Thursday Aug 22 at 11:30am.  Specifically tailored for athletes!  Classes led by Brittany.

Advanced Equipment Class (BY INVITATION) - August 26 @ 6pm (1 class credit)

Think you're up for the challene?  Once invited, register for this face-paced, challenging flow class using the most difficult exercises.  All are encouraged to come and watch!  Get inspired as you watch some of our top students do beautiful, amazingly difficult exercises with ease.  Class led by Brittany.  


Advanced Pilates Mat Class (BY INVITATION) - Sept 7 @ 9:00am (1 Class Credit)

Think you're up for the challene?  Once invited, register for this face-paced, challenging flow class using the most difficult exercises  Get inspired as you watch some of our top students do beautiful, amazingly difficult exercises with ease.  Check out what's in your future for Pilates Mat!  Class led by Brittany. 

Full Body S T R E T C H  - Sept 10 @ 7:30pm (FREE and open to Public!)

Stretching is the most beneficial and neglected part of working out. It increases flexibility, circulation, and range of motion. Additionally, it's a vital part of recovery and injury prevention. In this class we will focus on dynamic stretching all parts of the body to provide a complete body relief from tension and tight/sore muscles.   Class led by Sydney.



Fairfax Fall Festival - Oct 12 @ 11am-4pm 

Stop by our booth in downtown Fairfax and win some great prizes, classes and more!  Support local businesses and have fun doing it.  

Grand Re-Opening Party - Oct 18 @ 6:30pm (FREE and Open to the Public)

We are going to have some serious fun at this event!  Check out our new space, take advantage of some special pricing and packages, raffles, and taste some adult beverages thanks to Paradise Springs Winery and Solace Brewers.  This is an event not to miss! 

Try Meditation for 20 minutes during this event!  From 7:00-7:20pm block out the noise and improve your mood.  


Foam Rolling 101 (FREE and open to public) - November 9 @ 11:30am

Learn the use the foam rollers to release tension throughout the body! Massaging with foam rollers increase circulation, which creates better movement and fluidity. Break up adhesions and scar tissue to speed up the healing and recovery process after your workout. Great for injury prevention too!   Class led by Evelyn. 

Scolio-Pilates Workshop - November 16 & 17

Course Cost $595

Early Bird Registration $495 if register before  Oct 18, 2019 

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  • Understand the muscle imbalances and how they affect scoliosis
  • Learn to recognize scoliosis and to define where the curves are occurring
  • Learn why scoliosis must be resolved three-dimensionally
  • Learn to use elongation as a tool for correcting in three dimensions
  • Learn to manage the breathing complications of scoliosis
  • Use strengthening techniques to maintain a neutral spine
  • Understand the fascial components of scoliosis to aid neutral alignment
  • Understand scoliosis and you understand the principles affecting all spines

BLOG: How will Scolio-Pilates Help All My Clients? 

Sample Schedule:

  • Hour 1: Mat class for kinesthetically understanding scoliosis even if you don’t have a scoliosis,
  • Hour 2: History of management, current management of scoliosis, science behind exercise and management
  • Hour 3: Anatomy of Scoliosis, understanding 3, 4 and C-Curve scoliosis
  • Hour 4: Correcting scoliosis three-dimensionally in supine
  • Hour 5: Correcting scoliosis three-dimensionally in prone and quadruped positions
  • Hour 6: Correcting scoliosis three-dimensionally in seated, standing and side-lying
  • Hour 7: Elongation exercises for scoliosis
  • Hour 8: Breathing exercises for strengthening the neutralized alignment for scoliosis
  • Hour 9-11: Three-dimensional corrections in the Pilates environment
  • Hours 12-16: Strengthening exercises with 3-dimensional corrections

May 16 - 20, 2020

REV Pilates in Portugal - ONE SPOT LEFT!

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Come join Brittany Clark, owner of RevPilates, for an incredible 4 night/5 day retreat along the stunning Portuguese coastline!

Each day includes 2 Pilates sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, each lasting about an hour.  The sessions will be a mix of mat and equipment classes, as we've secured the use of a local studio to host classes within walking distance of our hotel.

The retreat will be a mix of planned excursions and free time meant to allow you to explore the area on your own or with new friends.  Highlights of the retreat include a catamaran cruise along the famous coastline with views of dramatic sea cliffs and beautiful beaches, and a hike along the stunning coastline along the Path of Dona Ana.

During free time, relax by the pool or on the beach with a good book, play tennis, get a massage, or head into Lagos town to explore local shopping and cuisine!

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