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Committed to achieving your health and fitness goals? Ready to put an end to chronic pain? Excited to tone a bit around the middle? 
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Pilates serves as a standalone workout that sufficiently challenges your entire body!  But, it can also be an excellent supplement to your other fitness routines.  Learn more about the benefits of Pilates here.  

Nominated for Best Studio in Northern Virginia in 2016 and 2017 and featured in The Washington Diplomat, REV Pilates Gym offers something other studios don't - guaranteed results.

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There are many different types of Pilates gyms. Some focus on reformer classes, others on mat classes, and still others offer a blend of the two. You can find Pilates gyms all over the world, and many of them offer online membership so you can take classes from anywhere.

When looking for a Pilates gym, be sure to consider your own personal preferences and needs. For example, if you're not very flexible, you may want to look for a gym that offers reformer classes. If you're already quite fit, you may prefer a gym that focuses more on mat work. And if you're traveling or just want to switch things up, an online membership could be perfect for you!

Pilates Power Gym Pro

The Pilates Power Gym is a compact, home gym solution that uses springs to create resistance for a complete workout. Two adjustable spring resistance tubes with handles provide a customize-able workout while the included mat lays down luxuriously comfortable padding. As you advance in your workouts duall spiral springs can be attached to increase difficulty by 50%. The foot barbell is useful for adding weight to leg exercises and also acts as an extra hand grip for upper body exercises like pull-ups and ab work. Workout anywhere, anytime with everything you need for a great workout in one.

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This Pilates Power Gym Pro is perfect for anyone looking to get in shape fast without having an extensive workout routine. With 3 different levels and 4 cords, you'll be able challenge yourself with 48 resistance settings that are sure not only help tone your muscles but also burn more calories than ever before!

Would you like to tone your muscles in just 30 minutes? The new Pilates Power Gym Plus offers an intense full-body workout with various exercises that can be done from one position. It has three incline levels and four power cords, giving 48 resistance settings for flexibility improvement! You'll find Pilates Power Gym Plus is perfect if you're looking for a fitness program without any complicated equipment or extra parts--it's easy as 1-2-3: simply change out the DVD on top of it (there are 3 included) then select what type of training session works best according to your needs - whether they be mental/emotionalor physical benefits desired.

What you'll love about REV Pilates Gym

Θ Exclusive Memberships. We are a members-only facility of like-minded fitness enthusiasts.  We welcome newcomers via private consultations in order to gather pertinent information relative to their health and abilities.  

Θ More than Just Pilates. We conduct functional movement screens, postural analysis, movement assessments, nutritional diagnostics and more to provide our members with a well rounded approach to health.  

Θ Small Class Sizes.  We purposefully limit our Pilates equipment classes to 6 so that we can safety monitor every student in every class.   The sense of community it creates keeps you accountable as well.  

Θ Personalized Attention.   Though we teach the full repertoire to our classes, we can easily modify any exercise to suit the individual.  Whether you need assistance or challenge, we've got our eyes on you and can offer you what you need to get the most from every session.  

Θ Quality Instruction. We believe all great teachers are also students themselves, so behind the scenes, our teachers are constantly training and learning new things!  REV is proud to host a variety of continuing education courses for trainers and students alike so we are all progressing - mind, body and spirit. 

Θ Money Back Guarantee.   Yes, that's what we said.  We believe so confidently that we can change your body and life that we are willing to put money on it.  If you don't feel or look better in 3 months, we will give you your money back.  Just for the record, not a single person has asked us yet!  

Our Core Values

At our studio, you will be encouraged to exceed your current abilities. Through fitness, we will enable you to live your best life. We will encourage you, challenge you and guide you towards and beyond your goals.


We are passionate about helping our members. We fully believe in developing a sense of empowerment and confidence in you. Our dedicated coaches are driven, embody vitality and are passionate about the power of Pilates, the sense of community it creates and maximizing potential - both for our members and ourselves!


We practice what we preach! Our coaches are approachable and transparent. We have the same struggles as you and understand life's challenges. You’ll find our studio to feel like family - comfortable, inviting, non-judgmental and encouraging of you to be YOU.

Getting Started has never been so easy!

Schedule Your Introductory Session

After clicking Get Started, you'll be taken to a page where you can fill out a little information about yourself.  After doing so, you'll  be prompted to select a time to speak with someone from our studio.  During that call, we'll get a little information about it and tell you what to expect during a consultation so there are no surprises.  All you need is 55 minutes and a pair of grippy socks.

Attend the Consultation

The consultation is a one-on-one session with one of our instructors.  Be prepared to discuss your pertinent medical history, health and fitness goals, lifestyle/fitness habits, current exercise program, level of commitment and budget.   After chatting, we will guide you through a short workout.   You are welcome to bring a friend/spouse with you for support, asking questions you might forget, taking notes, etc.

Select a Program

After all of your questions have been answered, you will select (with the instructor's support) the best program to match your needs.  Your instructor will help you select the best sessions for your goals (if semi-private training is your preference) or schedule your private appointments.   Then, you'll download the app, get some swank gear and mark your calendar for your first session!  

That's what she said.

Exercise is something you never regret.

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