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Best Pilates Studio in Fairfax 2019 Best Pilates Studio in Fairfax 2019

REV Pilates is an exclusive, members-only studio for busy professionals who want to lead a pain-free, active lifestyle.  

Most traditional Pilates studios are limited to stretching and breathwork which produces zero results. At REV Pilates we do things differently.  Our REV™ training method builds strength, balance and flexibility through a full body workout that’s gentle on your joints yet highly effective for your body and soul. 

We  empower women and men to live life to the fullest extent possible at every age.

Since 2015, REV Pilates  has helped hundreds of people live fuller lives.  We’ve been recognized by the city of Fairfax as the Best Pilates Studio for 2019 and consistently ranked at the top in NOVA for 5+ years.  Our highly specialized instructors are relatable, non-judgemental and ready to support you along your health and fitness journey.

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First, introduce yourself!  We will reach out ASAP and set up a call to get to know each other.  During that call, we'll get a little information about you and tell you what to expect during a consultation so there are no surprises.  We offer two types of consultations - one designed for those wanting private lessons and another for those seeking small groups.  We'll help you choose the right one!  All you need is a little time and a pair of grippy socks!

Attend the Consultation

The consultation is a one-on-one session with one of our instructors. Be prepared to discuss what's important -  medical history, health and fitness goals, lifestyle/fitness habits, current exercise program, level of commitment, what motivates you and what's standing between you and the finish line.  We will guide you through a short workout and answer any questions you may have about our programs and services.  Based on the discussion and movement evaluation, our instructor will help you select the optimal program for success.

gear up and get started

Once you've selected the best program, it's time to begin.  Bring your calendar with you because you'll want to book your onboarding session and/or your first few appointments so you can get started right away.  We will give you some swank gear and introduce you to the team / fellow members so you can jump right into our community.  Welcome to the REV family!

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