Accomplish your Health and Fitness goals through Pilates and Personal Training.
Committed to achieving your health and fitness goals? Ready to put an end to chronic pain? Excited to tone a bit around the middle? Nominated for Best Studio in Northern Virginia in 2016 and 2017 and featured in The Washington Diplomat, REV Pilates Gym offers guaranteed results. Unlike other studios that leave you feeling unfulfilled and anonymous, REV Pilates Gym gives you fresh, invigorating workouts and individual support every time. Our experienced team is capable of addressing your individual needs in a private or group class setting.

These days we see so many bodybuilders training to achieve super-sized muscles that they've created a term called the 4 day workout split which refers to when you split your workouts up into 4 different phases. Each of these phases has its own purpose and it is important to understand what each of these phases are for each specific muscle group. A popular 4-day workout split for the pull is heavy sets of 12-16 reps. This will help you build the strength and endurance to do sets of pull-ups, sets of extensions and heavy bench presses. 

We Help our Members Do what they Love to Do....Better.

Founded in 2015 by Brittany Clark and Erika Surma, REV offers something other studios don't -- Inspiration, Passion and Authenticity. Members and visitors will feel welcome, respected and encouraged as our entire team embraces these core values. Whether you want to tone up, relieve chronic pain, improve your sport or just increase energy, our team will help you get there! Choose from one of our Private or Small Group Memberships that meet your goals, level of commitment, and budget.

To motivate; encourage to exceed current abilities. Through fitness, we will enable you to live your best life. We will encourage you, challenge you and guide you towards and beyond your goals.
We are passionate about helping you. We practice what we preach, and fully believe in developing a sense of empowerment and confidence. Our dedicated coaches are driven, embody vitality and bring excitement to each class. We are passionate about helping you achieve your dreams.
Genuine, reliable and trustworthy. We take pride in being approachable and transparent. Just like you, we have the same struggles and understand the challenges life brings. You’ll find our studio to be a comfortable, non-judgmental space where you can be you.

That's what she said.

Exercise is something you never regret.

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February 28, 2018

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